Probably the best located golf course in Norway!


Information & Payment


Guidelines & restrictions:

max 4 players pr. t-time. Sets and clubs can be hired. 2-4EUR.

Driving Range:

All credit cards 

Golf Course:

Payment by the app Vipps. Ask a friend to Vipps for you, if you dont have it yourself. Cash payment is also possible (call +47 91172405 for guiding)

Booking on course. 91172405 eng/german.

Call for guiding. +47 911 72 405.



First round              NOK 80

Editional round  +   NOK 50    


First round             NOK 60

Editional round  +  NOK 40


First round             NOK 50

Editional round  +  NOK 30

Driving Range & Golf Course

Located close to the center of Trondheim and overlooking the whole city, the habour and fjord, Trondheim Par3Golf course at Havstein gives you a great experience.

With 9 holes ranging from 60 to 125m (70-140yrds), the course is family friendly, but also a course that gives great shortgame training for good players.

The concept of Pay & Play, giving everyone access to the course. We still require that you have some experience in golf and have reasonably control of your golf shots. This will be considered after a visit to the Driving Range.

In addition, you must know a little about etiquette and safety.

Don't hesitate to call

+47 911 72 405 for further information.